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Did you know that increasing your pricing by 1% has a 10% impact on your profitability? And yet, it can be difficult to make the right pricing choices for your business. At Rezolv, I develop powerful pricing strategies based on market research, designed to hook your target audience, and crafted to create real value for your company.

Businessplan presenterenHow does it work?

    1. 1. Getting Started
      An effective pricing strategy gives your company a key advantage over your competitors. To design a strategy that gets measurable results; I begin the process by learning about your current pricing structure and your economic targets, and take ample time to study your market, research your target audience, and review your products or services. 


    1. 2. Designing Your Strategy
      Using up-to-the-minute data, proven pricing techniques, and a customized approach that centers on your specific organization; I craft a strategy that is designed to set you apart from the competition, convert sales more effectively, and most importantly, drive measurable value for your company.


    1. 3. Taking Action
      Once we have an actionable strategy designed, we set the gears in motion by rolling out your pricing plan across your organization. This is a critical moment when we get to see the effect of your new pricing plan in action. This stage gives us invaluable information about what parts of your plan are most effective. 


  1. 4. Analyzing the Results
    Data is at the heart of great pricing. That’s why, at Rezolv, I don’t simply implement a plan. Instead, I take a comprehensive approach; launching the strategy, measuring the response, and then revising to get the very best results. Remember, Rezolv is all about driving value; meaning I don’t rest until you have the outcome you want.

Custom Programs


Running any business means constantly navigating changing terrain, troubleshooting new problems, and reshaping strategies to achieve peak performance. Too often, businesses use guesswork to navigate their marketplaces, target audiences, and strategies for growth. And yet, this means missing key opportunities for making and saving money. That’s where the Rezolv advisory program comes in. You get long-term guidance that keeps you focused, opens up opportunities, and helps you thrive. Having an advisory service means you never have an unanswered question, and you always have a trusted guide to help you navigate roadblocks and stay true to your course.


Increasing profits, reducing costs, designing pricing models, and implementing business strategies all take specialized skills. Many businesses rely on Rezolv to bring these skills to the table. But, what if you had these powerful skills in-house? What if your team members were experts at designing strategies that elevated your business powerformance to the next level, and kept you on track for success? That’s what the Rezolv training model is all about. Instead of taking on your business tasks for you, I train your team members to build and implement powerful plans from the ground up. This way when questions arise and opportunities present themselves, you always have the experts you need… right in your own office.


You have unlimited potential for growth, and yet, too often your potential goes untapped. Having a coach means you get personalized guidance that helps you realize your goals and experience success to the very fullest. Coaching unlocks new skills, hones your strengths, and gives you the tools to close gaps in your areas of expertise. I provide coaching to members at every level of an organization; from CEOs to salespeople. This way, your team members can experience greater confidence, higher performance, and the ability to breathe life into your organization’s vision.


You get advising, training, and coaching services in one complete package. This means you’ll have a friendly advisor to call on whenever you need guidance or assurance; your in-house team members will have the highest level training to keep your business at operating seamlessly, and you receive ongoing coaching that ensures your full staff is at their highest performance. This special, all-in-one service is designed for ambitious organizations looking for comprehensive strategies. You get hands-on guidance that gives you the power to do and be better, to experience measurable growth, and to create sustainable success that puts you ahead of the competition.

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